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At Al Faris Luxury Cruises, we advocate a responsible drinking policy. We want you to enjoy your drinks responsibly and the following are some hints to help you derive more enjoyment and pleasure from drinking if you choose to consume alcohol.


1. Know your limit. Most people find that no more than a drink an hour will keep them in control of the situation and avoid getting drunk.


2. Eat food while you drink. It is particularly good to eat high protein foods such as cheese and peanuts, which help to slow the absorption of alcohol into the circulatory system.


3. Sip your drink. If you gulp a drink for the effect, you are losing the pleasure of drinking, namely tasting, and smelling the various flavors. This is particularly true for wine and whisky.

4. Accept a drink only when you really want one. At a party if someone is trying to force another drink on you, ask for ice or drink a non-alcoholic beverage.


5. Cultivate taste. Choose quality rather than quantity. Learn the names of fine wines, whiskeys, and beers. Learn what beverage goes with what foods.


6. Skip a drink now and then. When at a party, have a non-alcoholic drink between the alcoholic one to keep your blood alcohol concentration down. Space your alcoholic drinks out to keep the desired blood alcohol concentration.


7. Beware of unfamiliar drinks. Such drinks as mixed shooters and cocktail drinks can be deceiving, as the alcohol is not always detectable, and it is difficult to space them out.


8. Appoint a designated driver. Have someone available who will not be drinking and will drive all drinkers home. Never drive after drinking.


9. Use alcohol carefully in connection with medicines. This includes over-the-counter drugs such as sleeping pills and cold or cough medicines. Alcohol should be avoided while taking certain antibiotics, arthritic, anti-depressant, and many other prescription medications. Check with your physician or pharmacy before you drink while on any prescription drug.


10. Respect the rights of individuals who do not wish to drink. It is considered impolite to attempt to get people to drink who do not wish to. They may abstain for religious or medical reasons because they are recovering alcoholics, or they just may not like the taste and effect it has on them.


11. Avoid drinking mixed drinks on an empty stomach on a hot day. This might produce hypoglycemia, which can cause dizziness, weakness, and mood change.


12. No threshold for safe drinking when pregnant has been established. So, if planning to conceive or if pregnant, the best advice is not to drink.


13. Be Responsible. If you are aware that you are dependent on alcohol, or that you are unable to control your drinking, consult your physician or healthcare provider.

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